About FRIO products:
The most simple and convenient medication cooling system available, FRÍO® wallets offer Insulin Dependent Diabetes mellitus (IDD) sufferers the ultimate stylish accessory for the safe and convenient storage / transportation of insulin for up 28 days.

It lasts up to 5 times longer than a regular cooler.
KEEPS INSULIN SAFE IN HOT CONDITIONS IS STYLISH, LIGHT AND COMPACT REFRIGERATION NOT REQUIRED IS RE-USABLE, DURABLE AND LONG LASTING ACTIVATED BY WATER ONLY FRÍO® is committed to providing a highly effective yet low-cost solution to the problem of keeping insulin at a safe temperature without the need for refrigeration for up to 28 days.

OTHER USES : FRÍO® wallet can also be used for other medications that can be stored at room temperature such as glaucoma eye drops, Growth Hormone, anaphylactic shock therapies etc. We advise that users of medication other than insulin check with their doctor or pharmacist or the manufacturer’s information leaflet for the specific medication’s safe storage requirements.

The case is reusable and can last for ever.

Eγκεκριμένη από τον Οργανισμό Τροφίμων & Φαρμάκων των Η.Π.Α (FDA).

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