Who is behind the curtain?

My name is Sophia. The last 35 years Diabetes decided to live his life parallel to mine. From my side I decided that I should be the one to have the control in this relationship so the last 15 years I wear insulin pump along with a CGM.

In my opinion life challenges should be accepted and help you lead to something better, greater, in order to help more enjoy life.

An e-shop dedicated to people with Diabetes, with products that never been in Greek market before, descriptions in Greek language will help all live easier. Comfort in every day life can make you feel less different. Gives you the opportunity to start doing things you had exclude, thinking you are not able to accomplish.

Give yourself and to people you love a chance to decide on their own. With products new to the Greek Market, you can decide from your own space, with comfort, discreetly and most important with humor that you are going to continue your life journey along with Diabetes as you could not take a divorce even if you wanted to anyway ….

I am here to listen your opinions. Wishes. Needs.
I promise continues update, improvement, inspiration within our world of Diabetes….